Friday, February 16, 2007

This issue of Street Roots, Feb 16 edition

You’ll notice the organization’s 2006 Annual Report in the middle of this edition of the paper. One of the goals we set last year was to make the organization as transparent as possible, and the Annual Report being incorporated into the paper is one step closer to that goal. We hope you take the time to look over the report, which details Street Roots’ future goals, financials, and core functions. We appreciate all of you who donated your time, money and wisdom in 2006.

The Act Now on the back page blew up on the Portland Mercury’s Blogtown last week with community members debating the pros and cons of the real estate transfer fee. We still stand by the notion that people selling or buying a home can afford a few extra duckets to help create more affordable housing in our state. We, as a community, should demand the abolishment of the Realtor-supported ban that has crippled any real effort to create money needed to address affordable housing needs in our community.

The organization is excited to announce a benefit concert for Dignity Village and Street Roots with Artis the Spoonman and Jim Page on Thursday, April 5, at the Clinton Street Theater. We are very happy to be working with both artists. Frank Zappa said of Artis, “He doesn’t have a commercial bone in his body.” And it’s true. Artis is an amazing individual, and only the best spoon player in the entire world. One of our vendors, Bob Brenner, will be opening up the night. More information will be available in Street Roots and through our co-sponsor, The Portland Mercury, in March.

New Street Roots bumper stickers will hit the streets this week featuring our logo and Soup Can Sam. Bumper stickers will cost $1, with 80 cents going directly to your local neighborhood vendor. We encourage you to show your support by putting them on something you own for all your friends to see!

We also want to say thanks to the anonymous donor who gave us $7,000 this week. Wow — maybe Robin Hood does still exist. And, last but not least, we are proud to welcome new board members Marvin Mitchell, Bruce Anderson, Chelsea Clark-James, and Eddy Barbosa. Thanks for continuing to be a part of the Street Roots family.

Also in this issue of Street Roots - one of our vendors, Frankie Smith goes for more Gold Medals in this years Oregon Special Olympics, and a feature on the new Day Access Center being created by the SAFE committe. There's also a great piece by Alejandro Queral with the Northwest Constitutional Rights Center. Sisters of the Road responds to the Mike Kuykendall interview, and Street Roots calls for the Portland Business Alliance to lead the way for a transfer fee in the region.

Buy your paper today from a local vendor in the Portland Metro Area.

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