Thursday, June 28, 2007

Street Roots hires two new staff members - new edition out tomorrow!

The new edition of Street Roots hits the streets tomorrow. The lead story takes a look at the global street newspaper movement after its recent 2007 conference in Poland. Other features include a look at veteran journalist John Pilger's new film War on Democracy and much more. Street Roots speaks out against Republicans statewide who killed an affordable housing bill out of spite and Jay Thiemeyer leads us on another journey with Raymond the Gunsmith from New Sharon Maine.

Street Roots is proud to welcome two new staff members into the organization. Matthew Deschaine will start in July as a freelance journalist helping the organization maintain quality journalism on issues that matter ranging from environment, labor, poverty to local, county and state government.

Also coming aboard is Eddie Barbosa, a former Street Roots vendor who will take the helm of the Rose City Resources and office manager position. Barbosa has had a fascinating journey going from attending Stanford University to experiencing homelessness to working as a bi-lingual interpreter for local hospitals and volunteering with Street Roots.

He will be helping Street Roots transition the resources to a newly formatted, pocket size resource guide that will be available to people on the streets, on-line and to organizations working with people experiencing poverty, including social service agencies, police, hospitals, local city and county government and first responders including the fire and emergency services. He will also be working with vendors in the office and helping maintain day-to-day operations with the organization.

The organization received an Achievement Award from the International Network of Street Papers at a recent conference in Poland for networking and growing public awareness. We are proud members of the global street newspaper movement and continue to work towards raising awareness locally and abroad about a range of issues effecting people living in poverty.

The summer fund drive is coming to an end with Street Roots raising nearly $10,000. We are still short of our goal of $20,000, but appreciate all the love and support people have given to the organization.

The organization is hosting the North American Street Newspaper conference in late July. Newspaper from around North America and representatives from the International community will be present. Several individuals locally will be leading workshops and taking part including consultant and Street Roots board member Bruce Anderson, News Editors with the Portland Mercury, Scott Moore and Amy J. Ruiz, Nick Budnick with the Portland Tribune, and Dave Tomaro with the Statesman Journal in Salem. We would also like to thank Food Front, Tazo Tea, the Bureau of Housing and Community Development and the City of Portland, the Alberta Food Cooperative and the Society of Professional Journalists for helping sponsor the event. You all rock!

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