Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hard times in the Western division

Eight games through the season, it's clear West coast teams can barely compete.

The combined record of teams west of Denver, including the Broncos is 18-30. If you include all of the teams in the two western divisions, it's 22-42.

The Seahawks are still in the drivers seat, but until we can find a way to run the ball, we are screwed in the playoffs. Arizona is done. S. F. may have a late season comeback w/the returning of Alex Smith - even though I thought the 49ers were over-rated to begin with. My hometown Rams are stranded out in no man's land.

Someone tell me again why the Broncos chose to bench Jake Plummer last year for Culter? The Charges, anyone...
Kansas City is having a better showing than anyone gave them credit for, which is not a lot, and the Raiders, well, it's another long year in Oakland. Maybe the Warriors will give Oaklanders something to cheer for.

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