Sunday, January 29, 2006

Rocket poetry, politics and the Seahawks

Blogging has allowed writers like myself to in one swoop highlight other published work, archive material, and offer my humble opinions about the world around us.

The rocket was a nickname given to me – one of more than a dozen I’ve gathered over the years. The poetry is just that, poetry. So, we have Rocket Poetry.

Where the catfish meets the road has more than one meaning during these uncertain times. I love catfish, and the road is just fine by me.

I’ve been watching Seahawks football for18 weeks now. One week away from the Super Bowl, and I write this blog thinking to myself - what do normal people actually do on Sunday afternoons?

One of the reasons I love the Pacific Northwest is sports take a back seat to politics, and the arts, including music. While there are a number of people sporting Seahawks gear around town, for the most part – people could care less. I was in a bustling coffee shop this morning, and went to lunch at a busy café today. Didn’t hear a whisper about the Super Bowl. Instead of Super Bowl wagers, I heard people debating how many months before we saw impeachment hearings. I heard 10 months, more than a year, and that it will never happen.

The Dems have to take back some seats in the House and Senate this year. And working people and progressives have to push the Dems who can’t just fall in line behind the Republicans who are kicking the shit out of anybody who gets in the way.

In Oregon, Wisconsin, Colorado, and Vermont Green Party candidates are hoping to steal some seats at local and state levels. Let’s hope people have gotten over the Nader scapegoat syndrome. Seattle has little patience for a 3rd party – it’s Democrat from top to bottom. It’s also one of the most expensive cities on earth. You tell me.

Personally, I’d set up shop in Little Rock, and hire a couple of thousand community organizers from Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Missouri. Start spreading the word. “We want our country back.” The Dems have to take back the Midwest, and the mid-south. It can be done. You just have to have the right people on the ground organizing. You can’t have a college liberal from out of state walking into some trailer park in Missouri more worried about the cockroaches in the kitchen, and the pit-bull tied up in the yard than talking to people about taking their lives back. You have to have people that speak the language on the ground doing the work – something that was sorely missing the last election season.

Katrina’s winds and high water busted more than a hole in the levies in New Orleans – it busted a hole two miles wide through the institution itself – throw in a failing war, millions of underpaid workers, housing shortages, and it being ok to spy on people like me, an American citizen, and avid football fan, we have a giant shit burger. I would call that a catfish on the road. In fact, I would call that a whole lot of catfish on the road.

Of course, all this doesn’t change the fact that I will be jumping up and down like a crazed monkey next week during the game. The young unknown linebackers from Seattle are going to shine. People from around the country have been saying the Hawks are soft. More than 2,000 yards on the ground, and 50+ sacks doesn’t seem all that soft to me. Seattle beats Pittsburg 27- 21.

As for the impeachment, I’d say by Christmas the impeachment of the President of the United States will be a discussion topic in more than just coffee shops, and café’s in liberal Seattle, and other islands sprinkled throughout the country.

(I'm also including works published elsewhere in my first post. Enjoy.)

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Jake said...

Great blog. I agree with you on your take on the Midwest and the south. It can be done.

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