Monday, February 06, 2006

Tickety-tack the ref's on crack

Seeing that in my first blog I predicted a Seahawks win, I’m forced to at least say a few words. I write this on my way back from Portland after watching the Super Bowl with friends in the Rose City. I haven’t had the stomach to read the sports page yet today.

I can only imagine the headlines - “The Bus goes out in style,” “Three plays win game,” and “One for the thumb.”

How about, “Officials sport new uniforms – black and yellow pinstripes.”

I jumped out my seat on more than one occasion watching the Seahawks drive up and down the field on Pittsburg's fumbling defense only to watch in disbelief as Seattle was jacked in the worst officiated Super Bowl I've seen.

The pass interference call against Seattle in the end zone was like calling Michael Jordan for traveling in Game 7 of the NBA finals. Did you see that love tap? Ah, position.

And let’s see - a penalty on the quarterback for tackling a defensive back below the knees after an interception. What?

And let’s not even talk about the goal-line stand. Can we say 4th and inches? Yes, it was 4th and inches. Finally, when the officials almost called Hasselback for a fumble in the 4th Quarter while the Steels celebrated with four minutes left to go I accepted the Seahawks loss to the almighty Steelers in what I’m calling “The tickety-tack the ref’s on crack Super Bowl XL.”

Yes, two missed field goals, dropped passes, bad coaching – yeah, yeah, yeah.

Believe it, or not I’m not a fanatical football fan. Well, yes I am.


Dan Newth said...

Hi Izzy
We can't win em all. And only Rasheed Wallace blames the ref every time, but this time you have a point. Having three touchdowns called back on penalties was a bit much.
Crossroads is meeting with Paul Bolden today. I hope we get some good guidance. Keep fighting the good fight.

loomis said...

Well, I was the host of the party and was too damn busy to see 3 touchdowns called back. I do remember a bad call for a block and some fumbles, oh, and the Seahawks sucking ass. Israel was so pissed he left his hat and those who ain't seen him hatless...
Well theys a reason God made felt, canvas, straw and paper.

Israel Bayer said...

Ok, so the Seahawks sucked ass. Yes, I will admit it. 400 yards worth of sucked ass. And yes, hats are made for a guy like me, but I like my greasy hair, thank you.

And while the food was great, and the company even better - please, please don't wash that hat. It's got style you know.

Jason said...

Don't you have better things to do with your time in Seattle than watch the Seahawks? Haha!

Arabian said...

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Mustang said...

Interesting!! :-)

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