Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Become a Street Roots Block Captain today!

You can become a Street Roots Block Captain today. Street Roots is looking for volunteers to be block captains in November and December to help raise money for the organization.

The organization has three major goals this fundraising season. The first is creating a sustainable vendor incentive program that would allow vendors the option of buying addition items for sale with the newspaper, including Street Roots buttons, stocking caps, posters, and bumper-stickers. “Any additional sales opportunities would be welcome by vendors,” says Jamie McDermott who sells the paper at Powell’s Bookstore, and in Northwest. “I have regular customers who would love it.”

The second goal includes technology upgrades for the office that would allow us to have a more professional newspaper, and offer a better support system to the vendor and volunteer programs.

The third goal for the organization is hiring a third paid position in 2007. If Street Roots is to become a real force in the community concerning activism, and economic development than the organization has to have proper staffing. We have been running on blood, sweet, and tears for more than six years – we are ready to turn the corner.

Street Roots is proud to bring readers a voice that matters from the street, and to have put more than $1 million dollars into the hands of poor people since 1999. None of this could be possible without readers and supporters like you. Your contributions to the organization matter - we are asking for your help to reach these goals. We are asking 25 households to ask 20 neighbors, and friends to donate $20 dollars to Street Roots. Each block captain will be given an educational packet from the organization to help with the project. If you, your partner, or housemates are interested in making a difference this winter please contact me at 503-228-5657, or e-mail me at streetroots@email.com

It’s getting cold again. Street Roots welcomes clean sleeping bags, coats, stocking caps, gloves and hand warmers. Donate items for the vendor program today by contacting the office, or by going to our wish list at www.streeetroots.org

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