Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Get out and support Affordable Housing in P-town!

Via Affordable Housing Now...

Tomorrow morning at 9:30 at the City Hall, the City Council will vote on an ordinance to establish a 30% set aside policy for affordable housing in Portland’s Urban Renewal Areas.

With the passage of this set aside, AHN will have secured upwards of $20 million annually to provide safe, secure housing for hardworking families, people of color, seniors and people with disabilities in Portland.

Though AHN still has some concerns about establishing income requirements to assure funds go to housing for those at the lowest incomes and instituting effective accountability mechanisms for the set-aside, this set aside ordinance is a tremendous accomplishment made possible by all of your collective support and advocacy.

Come to City Hall tomorrow at 9:00 (the hearing begins promptly at 9:30) and help us push the set aside across the finish line. The proceedings will last 45 minutes to an hour, so AHN is limiting our testimony to a few AHN representatives, but your presence is still critical to show support for this set-aside.

The October 18, 2006 City Council meeting will be held at City Council chambers (Portland City Hall, 1221 SW 4th Ave). For more information on the set aside, go to
  • Set a side
  • or contact Michael Anderson via email or at (503) 335-9884. 

    Affordable Housing NOW! is a coalition of over 40 organizations and hundreds of individuals whose goals are to secure new resources for affordable housing for the Portland Metro area by building a movement large enough to make funding for affordable housing for people with low incomes a political priority in the Metro area. To learn more about Affordable Housing NOW!, go to:
  • Affordable Housing Now!

  • Community Alliance of Tenants
    Office: 503.460.9702
    Renters’ Rights Hotline: 503.288.0130
    Oregon’s only tenants’ rights organization.  Made possible by members.  If you’re a tenant who cares about your rights, get involved.

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    I am becoming concern at the state of the housing market.I am concern with the value of my home ,anyone esle ?hosuing

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